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"Hot Box Boogie"

Live from Central Park!

"You Ain't The One"

"Look What Love Has Done"...Chris Whitley -(cover)

Making of "Hit & Run."

Renee´with Jimmy Z

Before Alias Smith & Jones...

Alias Smith & Jones
Formerly-Renee´& The Derelicts
"PEOPLE GRINNING/NOBODY'S Fault                               "Hound Dog"
But Mine"

Music video featuring Renee' and the Derelicts (Sal Carolei, Paul Bauman, Bernard Devlin and Renee' Flemings --we're missing new member Trevor Brown on this one), and Keith Randolph Smith. Directed by Sal Carolei & Renee' Flemings, DP- Renato Tonelli, Jason

GreyCourt Music Festival
June 18th, 2022

Renee´& the Derelicts "Tracks"

Nothing But the Blues

Directed by Renee´Flemings & Salvatore Carolei/Alias Smith & Jones ... Featuring Kenny Neal

Playin' in the Floyd Lee Band NYC Subways

Renee´ with Slam Allen at B.B. Kings NYC

Hanging out with The Paul Oscher Band

        HipShaking at Cafe´BeanRunner


Salvatore Carolei sitting in with The Harlem Blues 
Project@ City Winery/NYC

Day job Gaffer/Lighting Tech...
bonus jamming with Talent!

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