Shout out to Scott Hull @ MasterDisk for his amazing  Mastering skill on our new album...Jack Morer for an amazing Mix skills & Brent Mclachlan.. recording our down & dirty ..quick..short stay at his 30 Below studio in NYC!  You Guys Rock!

Hit & Run:  " ..funky, raw, sultry blues... powerful, soulful ...hypothermic, vocals...cutting guitar riffs,  soaring harmonica solos. .. A great debut mix of raw blues and a soulful sound."  Bluestown Music Magazine 

BUY the CD here for $15..send us a message with our contact  form...

"This is a splendid album, with some extraordinary musicians and above all a female singer who leaves you exhausted, ten songs a mixture of blues, rock and a bit of boogie that should not catch you off guard."  BLUE21.COM

" The music sounds strong!" Bob Margolin  (Guitarist for Muddy Waters Band.

"Brilliant album! Awesome, awesome band.  You're going to want this for Christmas."

 Mr. B.  DJ @ MMH RADIO, U.K

Special shout out to Jerry Dugger for getting the wheels rolling on our new project!

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